Tree Climbing Park


I got to discover this place in May 2019, by spending the day in the picnic park next to it and than watching my daughter and plenty of other kids going to do the rounds up high in the trees.

I must say it did not attract me very much because I  just am not that type of fun park person. Still – watching the kids has shown me that it is not only a fun activity but a great opportunity to improve your trusting abilities. In a way you know nothing can go wrong, you are tide up, so even if you fall, you are safe. Still there is the inner voices, the fears that talk to you and everyone has there own way of dealing with those.  It’s just like in real life, but we can observe it because we do it as a game.

So I decided to recommend it on my page as a thing to do in our area, great for kids and as a  personal development tool. it’s about 30 minutes from our house.

On there website you can see a little of what to expect: