Laura Parr – Yoga lessons & Yoga therapy

laura parrLaura Parr is a yoga teacher from the UK based in Central Portugal. She is also a freshly trained yoga therapist. With a background in nursing and public health, Laura has a passion for helping people find wellness. She teaches classes and runs workshops in Portugal and the UK.
Having trained with teachers from many disciplines – and having sustained injury herself – Laura discovered that the yoga is less about strength and flexibility in the body and more about strength and flexibility in the mind.
And that’s what led her to yoga therapy: the desire to first heal herself and then to help others using the ancient yogic models to address the underlying causes of our suffering. Yoga therapy encompasses relaxation, breathing techniques and gentle movements to bring about the awareness that leads to persistent and real-life changes.
Laura offers individual or group classes and workshops.

The Yoga Therapy Package includes 6 sessions of approximatly 1hr with approximatly 1 month time inbetwwen each session and of course your homework ;-).

For Guests at Casa Bela Vista the  sessions can take place at Casa Bela Vista with follow up sessions via the Internet.

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