Portugal has been my home since the 1990th and Casa Bela Vista has been my first home since 2016.

Most of my days I have lived off-grid in midst nature and I am a gardener by heart.

Portugal has always fascinated me with it’s rural authenticity and I enjoyed many opportunities that have opened up here for me.

My heart is set on working for the recuperation of the earth. Healing what we has been damaged by ignorance of men. So I work with Effective Microorganisms for the recuperation of soil and water.

I also have a passion for true powerful medicine that can help us to keep our bodies healthy and to detox. We are living in times were the living conditions aren’t easy (poor soil, polluted air and water…) and the pharmaceutical industries are more interested in  our wallet then our health.

Receiving guests to stay with us either at Casa Bela Vista or at the Landeira River House is a nice opportunity to met people to share live stories and empower each other as we work towards a more sustainable and peaceful community on this planet.