We welcome you to retreat at Casa Bela Vista pic for CBV and Landeira

and/or the Landeira River location.

pic for Landeira

Rest – Reflect – Integrate – Grow

We all need time to rest and reflect in live. Where do we stand, where do we want to go next, what might be hindering us, how can we solve conflict and get into the flow again.

Now the first thing I always need to get clear in live is a space to reflect.

For me this is a place that is calm and warm and welcoming with people around that simply are available if I need them, that help me out with finding rest and that the option to talk and get help if I feel like it.

And exactly that is what we want to offer to our guests.

Were will I be staying

You will be staying in one of our guest rooms (or in our bell tent at Landeira).

What will I eat?

We invite you to eat with our family or if you prefer you can prepare your own meals in our summer kitchen. Our food is generaly based on what the garden has to offer plus basics foods like rice, beans, bread…. Our family also eats dairy and eggs and fish and meat from time to time, but we are flexible to prepare the meal that is best for you.

How to spend my time

Feel free to take the time for Your Self and know that you are invited to join with us for yoga, meditation, prayer and contemplation.

We love to go for walks and in the summer month we will be visiting the local river beaches  and other activities may happen. You are always welcome to join us and join our family live as much as you want to.

Retreat Support

If you would like my personal support, I am very happy to listen and connect with you (this can be also for couples or families). I can share and teach you about the tools I have applied over the last decades that work for me and that may be useful for you too. Read more about my journey tools here.

My intention is, to stay present and open to how I can be of help to you to work towards the best for everything, on the bases of acceptance and validation of what is.


The contribution we ask is to share the bills we need to pay (water, electricity, gas, firewood, food….) and to contribute either

  • with money as an energy exchange
  • with work and services that you have to offer.

To give you an idea how this can work please read  through our contribution and sharing statement here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Melanie, Jens & Lisa