Low Radiation Life Style

no wifi.jpgWhilst the world of technology is expending we became more and more aware of the influences of radiations from technology frequencies, which are generally not beneficial to the human system.

We got the pleaseure to learn a lot with Ariel, a good friend that has a lot of knowledge due to being super sensitiv to the frequencies.

But even if you are not high sensitiv the frequencies influence us all, if we notice or not, that is why we have adapted our life to as much as we can to a low radiation setting.

At Casa Bela Vista we don’t use WIFI, we use cabled internet and have adaptors to connect tablets and phones. We can turn the wifi on for a lilited amount of time if that is necessary.

We use our phones just with data connection disabled, bluetooth and wifi off settings.

And whilst we are at this subject I m going to share with you some of the stuff we got to learn during the event of healthy technologies by Ariel Marie.

Here is what you, we, anyone can do (at times or allways) :

  • turn things off! Any electric field can be turned off, for example at night when you go to bed. We got very used to having things on all the time, even so we don’t need it. So much stuff runs on stand by mode, wether it makes sense or not. And it is also a great awarness training to see how it actually is when life is not electric.
  • when working on a labtop it is healthier to work on the battery, rather than being connected to the mains (ok, I don’t do that one, cause I want to get the most out of my battery, but I wanted to share the full list of things that can be done)
  • no calls in cars (when driving the antenas of the phone are searching always for connection and that is what creates a disturbing field. It’s best to put your phone on flight mode when driving or being in a car.
  • GPS: just a de-warning you can use any gps if it works without the internet. Google maps can also download maps for offline use. You can do this to reduce radiation.
  • sms: When you have to use a smart phone than consider communicating what you need to say by sms. Remember the old days, when every minute cost money? We were much more aware of the time we spend on the phone, nowerdays, we forget about the minutes, cause its free, only our health gets effected. Not a good deal!
  • USB to ethernet: A great little device to connect ethernet to tablets or phones is available on amazon, simply search for USB to ethernet cable and you will find them.
  • Satelite internet: some people live offgrid and use a satelite Internet. The safe distance for satelite Internet is 70 m.
  • Rules for social networ and PC use: set yourself some rules that help you to stay focused and balanced. And pay some attention to the habbiuts you already aquired….Are they as you want them to be? Can you notice any beap addictions, when the phone or PC goes bling, it could be another loike, an important sms or just another add from the supermarket. It’s a great exercise to have some awarness and create your own rules and also help your KIDS to create rules for them. If you grow up with that stuff it even seams more tempting than ever.
  • I m having a break, my daily hours of PC are done 🙂 –  more soon 🙂