Thursday Club

On Thursdays Casa Bela Vista is open to receive kids (between 1 and 6 – depending on the plan for the day) from age 10 – 16 between 10 am and 6 pm to participate in activities such as:

  • art work
  • acrobatics and aerial silks
  • cooking and baking
  • making herbal teas and remedies
  • going for adventure walks and learning in nature
  • riddles and logical thinking challenges
  • emotional development activities
  • meditation & Yoga
  • singing, music and dance
  • growing and processing foods
  • fermenting and alchemy of food
  • games
  • creating an alternative newspaper
  • developing environmental and spiritual community activities

Activities will be basically in English but we can do German and Portuguese too whenever needed. However it is an opportunity to improve English (for anyone not up to my level yet 😉

The day will be scheduled in several phases:

  • from 10 – 12 tutored predefined activities
  • from 12 -13 cooking lunch together (for whom wants to be part of this and bring an ingredient to share, or bring a packed lunch instead)
  • 13h – 14h Lunch break
  • 14 – 16h free play
  • 16h tea and snack break together
  • 16h30 – 18h activity offer of kids choice (democratic listing & voting)

Spaces available, rights and duties

Our living room and kitchen, the big room, the garden hut (big room and garden hut if not used other wise) and the outdoors will be the places where joined activities will take place.

In the free times, the kids can hang out in any of these, Internet is provided in the big room through Ethernet cable for monitored study projects or in the kitchen living room.

Parents are welcome to hang out with their kids but they don’t need to. If you feel like staying and using some time for working we may have internet working spaces available (please check with us)

We request a respectful behavior towards the space and people (other kids and tutors), such as

  • Leave any space the same way how you found it. Clean! (wipe your shoes, take wet and dirty cloth (shoes or socks 😉 of, hang your coat on a hug and shoes out of the way etc….)
  • Talk friendly and listen when someone is speaking to you.

Time rights and duties

The activities will start at 10.15, giving about 15 minutes to say hello to each other ;-). If you are late and activities have started please try and merge in gently 😉

Starting date: 23rd of May and than hopefully most Thursdays till August. Each week I will confirm if the next thursday is happening or not. We possibly will run Thursday club during the summer on the river beaches and at CBV.

Tutors rights and duties

  • The tutor has the right to request silence if the communication has gone to a point that is more destructive than constructive
  • The tutor has the duty to listen to kids and hear them out (one at the time)
  • The tutor has the duty to encourage the kids learning processes trying to match their needs.
  • The tutor has the right to ask a kid to take a break if the behavior of the kid is stopping the other kids wish to learn.
  • List can be completed as we go along in learning program

Kids rights and duties

  • Kids have the choice to vote for next Thursday club activities
  • Kids have a right to explain their point and views
  • Kids have the right to go in their own time of learning
  • right of being respected by the tutor and the other kids for who they are and what they do.
  • If a kid feels bored during an activity if may leave the room/space/group after telling to the tutor
  • List can be completed as we go along in learning program

Participation: to participate please confirm till Monday evening by sms, call or e-mail (contacts below)

We accept up to 6 kids (+ Lisa) each time

The day has a value of 12,50 Starpoints per child and can be exchanged for anything you have to offer of the same value. We accept money if there is no other exchange offer. But we d like to remind that any of the below are great offers to make and I know you all have great qualities and gifts!

  • child minding and tutoring
  • language improving activities for kids
  • dog and cat sitting
  • cleaning, painting, gardening,
  • office help/promotional stuff and flyer work
  • food (vegetables, fruit….)
  • any fun activities for kids (camping trips, adventure games ect)
  • service of romantic dinners
  • wellness treatments