Kids at Casa Bela Vista

creating art with paper mache technics
Jens and my have two already grown up children that both went to school and I have a daughter that is home schooled with a life orientated curriculum, as  I like to call it.

I opted out for school because already in kinder garden she showed me that this chaos is to much for her. To many kids and non effective learning  (plenty of time to learn what you are going to forget straight after), plus a huge amount of stress with all the other things (non supervised kids, over burdened teachers, far to many hours away, etc…).

When she was small I focused on the basics like writing, reading and basic math.

Nowadays the focus is mainly live and child orientated learning, meaning I teach her about what I know and we take time for the projects that she is interested in.

Throughout the years we have been sharing super vision and teaching time between the parents around that are doing home schooling. There is always something going on 🙂

I will post some photos and stuff about what we do from time to time so check out the sub-menu or our facebook if you are interested.