Growing Food

We love to grow our own vegetables and fruit to the best we can. It is so satisfying to go to pick your food in the garden instead of running to the supermarket.

Our property has a small area that we use to do this. We have to use council water, (or our rain water tank) , we do not have a wheel or a spring here. So there are some challenges, but there are always ways. And yes of course we do this biologically and it’s a continuous learning process.

The great plus is that we can grow all year around here.

We are very happy to share all what we know. This is mainly Jens, he is a real gardener and always tells me of when I do silly things 😉

It s a lot about getting the soil right, and here we work with compost, horse manure, liquid fermented herbs and EM (effective Microorganisms) to create fertility.

Contact us if you want to come and stay with us and learn  about gardening.