Making Grape juice

One of the pleasures in Portugal as the amount of grapes. Grapes are what they used to border the land and the plants are hard to kill. In fact all the new vines we planted trying to get eating grapes we will replace with the good old varieties that are just fungi resistant and so yummy!

Now we don’t have a lot and we have no press, so here is how I make the grape juice:

  • Picking a bucket full of grapes (use a clean bucket)
  • mashing them up with my hands and fists
  • then fishing out hands full of stems and grapes, squeezing the juice out and putting them away (repeat till you cant fish more stems out
  • prepare a pot with a tough nylon mosinet and some cloth pags
  • pour some of the juice with mashed grapes in the net
  • take the pegs of and squeeze the net
  • repeat till all juice is in the pot
  • heat up the juice to somewhere around 82-85ºC
  • sterilise some already clean bottles by pouring boiling water in them (just a little bit first and no need to fill them more then  half)
  • pour the water out making sure it touches all the walls of the bottle
  • pour juice in the bottles, close and keep warm for example in a basket  under blankets
That’s it, leave it to cool and enjoy during the winter month.
It’s sooo goood!
Actually what I also do is to scoop of the foam part and I make jam out of this (i.e. mixed with apples) like this you have less sediment in the juice)
Let me know if anyone has another quickish method that works for small scale production without press.