Yogurt making


It’s so easy to make your yogurt at home and you do not need a yogurt maker. (there are a lot of electrical kitchen machines that are just selling electricity, nothing else really…..)

The amount of plastic that comes from yogurt containers is one of the things that I really don’t like about it.

We get fresh milk once a week, but you can make yogurt even with UHT milk (definitely and upgrade in food value in the later case)

So here is how we do it and it gets nice and solid and not slimy and it lasts minimum 1 week.

Heat up the milk to 80ºC and than let it cool down to about 45-50ºC. Prepare some jars with lids by filling some hot water in them to slightly sterilise them and to warm them up (So you wont loose to much temperature as if you would  be filling in the milk into cold glasses)

Stir about 1 Soup spoon of yogurt into your milk, whisk well and fill into your prepared glasses (the water needs to get out first 😉

Than pack it all under teatowls and blankets to keep warm for about 6-8 hours. (Grandmas used to do that with so many things. Slow cooking is basically the same, just keep the heat/temperature by covering it…..simple )

After that set in fridge (if you have one) to cool and finish hardening.

Always keep some yogurt for next time.

Enjoy 🙂