Green beans and Zuchini time

P_20190716_122325[1].jpgThe garden is looking wonderfull again. I am so happy for Jens is taking such good care, something I just did not manage before because there is so much to do…

But I love picking the veg and fruit and cooking and preserving. So here are some ideas for the bean and zuchini flood that might be experienced 😉

Zuchini and beans for freezing or hot filled in jars

I like using the soft sqaushy part in the middle with the still white seeds to cook and pure and than cook beans in this. Roasting onions and garlic is always a plus.

Adding salt is essential

Other spices could be: Bohnenkraut (got no idea what is that in english), thinking ginger, but haven’t tried this yet (would use it fresh, rather than the powder)

Pickled Zuchini

  • with the harder outer parts of the Zuchini I do pickles. Either in vinager or in salt. There are plenty of recepies online so I wont give more details.

For cooking fresh from the garden, here are some further ideas:

  • Zuchini grated with onions and/or some grated potatoes (optional) and then fry little batches. If the mix is to wet add flour or starch.
  • Male Zuchini flowers can be dipped in batter and fried but better just to add them to a salad. Looks good taste soft. I like it 🙂
  • Zuchini pured as base for any fresh pesto, add fresh basil or parsley, add toasted milled sunflower seeds or sesmay seeds, garlic, …..And transform into spreads or dips.
  • and of course any soup. Mix with other stuff makes it more tasty. Green beans, carrots, potatoes are the basics to go along. As the zuchini is so soft you can really give it spices to make it interesting.
  • because it it so soft and neutral it can of course also go to be a sweet dish. I have not experienced this yet, but just getting warm to the idea of mixing it with some cacao or alfaroba and making it into a cake. Will post a pic when ready 🙂

Enjoy the food floods 😉