Cheese making

P_20190719_121840Making cheese is really fairly easy, if you want to join the cheese making action visit on a Friday 🙂

I do two types on a regular bases. One is with rennet and the other just with letting milk go sour and thick by itself and then straining it.

I m by no means an expert on the subject, but i manage :-), So if anyone want to come and teach me more – yes please!

Below some pics of the process. It starts with warming up the milk and when its about 35-40ºC add the rennet. Dosage is on the package – at the beginning I added to little cause it gave me dosage instructions for 80l milk…..Well I only used 3-4 litres so difficult to down scale.

Anyway if it doesn’t set try using more rennet.

But lets do the step by step list:

  1. Warm milk to 35-40ºC
  2. Add rennet (dissolved in a bit f water usually)(no wild stirring, just soft little turn for a couple of times)
  3. wait 20 min – 2 hrs check when milk has set by moving pot slightly, it looks a bit like wobbly yogurt from the consistency when set
  4. cut with knife into blocks and wait 5 – 10 minutes
  5. strain into sieve lined with cloth (can be cotton, I use organza currently, needs to be fine meshed and not to thick so liquid can pass)
  6. Hang for about 30 minutes for dripping (if lots of cheese it might take longer)
  7. fill into forms if you have them or just squeeze the fabric tighter and add a weight (as in photo with heave stone mortar)
  8. You can add salt to the curdled milk or when cheese is made from both sides.
Let me know if that works 🙂