Slow cooker/yogurt maker/wonderbag


Our wonderbags are made with recycled materials (old bedsheats, pillow fillings ect….) and I make them together with my daughter. We make them on request and usually within 2 – 5 days after receiving your request. We ask 20 € for a small wonderbag (perfect for yogurt making and small cooking pots) and 30 € for a big wonderbag (for medium and larger cooking pots). To order or find out more please contact us:


We love the slow cookers – they are such a great and simple kitchen help.

Saving you gas or electricity. Simply bring stuff to a boil and then transfer to the slowcooking wonderbag.

It works for many dishes and sure experience helps, so here are some basics.

P_20200119_101338Rice and other grains that soak up the water/liquid: Very simple and effective, just bring  the rice/grain and right amount of water to a boil and than put it in your slow cooker. Best to use also a kitchen tool wrapped around the cooking pot, to keep your slow cooker clean. The rice/grain isn’t just finishing by it self, it also will stay warm for hours.

P_20191217_192815Chickpeas, beans, lentils: Now I have done chickpeas in my slowcooker with the same basic method as above. Mine weren’t even soaked and it turned out ok. But sure soaking over night beforehand  will help. Lentils are super easy and of course faster than chickpeas or beans. All of them you can safe time and “fuel” in your slow cooker.

Meat and fish stews: Yes totally possible. I d advise to research a little online as I haven’t got the experience values to share with you here.

Potatoes: easy and great, you just need to check when your potatoes are ready, otherwise they will get mushy. I would say something like 1 hour of slow cooking, but again it’s just to give an idea. Feel free to share any experience values so I can add them to this page.

Yogurt making: I used to just wrap things in blankets, but the wonderbag is quicker and easier and less folding and unfolding blankets involved ;-). Just bring your milk to around 75 ºC, then let it cool to anywhere from 43 – 48 º. Add a spoon of yogurt (any natural yogurt that you like or some of your last batch), prewarm some screw lid jars with warm water. Fill the milk into the jars and stick them into the yogurt maker (slow cooker/wonderbag). Leave in there for around 6 hours and than transfer to fridge or cold place for some hours. That will help it to get more solid.

BTW: the slowcooker/wonderbag/yogurt maker has many versatil uses 🙂