Casa Bela Vista

We welcome you to stay at one of our guest rooms at Casa Bela Vista and to the offer of sharing our communal spaces  with 1 kitchen living room, 1 outdoor kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 outdoor dry toilet.

We  have 3 rooms where guests can stay and also a seperate covered outdoor kitchen that can be used.

Casa Bela Vista is a cozy, warm and lovely place with lots of creative home-made details and a grand view of course :-).

We get plenty of sun all year round, amazing sunsets in the spring winter and autumn and cricket sounds fill the warm summer nights.

Here are some more details to the space

  • The big room

if not used as a bed room, this space is  used for workshops, meditations, yoga, art work, dancing, music, women circle. It is reached through the courtyard and has also a glass door facing the garden.

Casa Bela Vista – Alternative Life Experience
  • The garden hut a wood and clay hut with an earth roof about 100 m away from the main house. Built in 2017 with lots of glass (recycled windows) that is also used for our Agnis Hotra ceremonies, healing circles and individual healing sessions (massage, counselling, EH sessions…) (if not used as a bed room). There is no electricity in the garden hut.

bedroom 1.jpg

The Panama Room

It’s our bed room in the winter and a guest room in the summer. (when we sleep in the main house)

Located next to the big room, reached through the court yard and next to the guest kitchen.  With big windows and space to do yoga for 1 or two people.

The outdoor kitchen

There is a kitchen area in front of the panama room which is open to the court yard and has a big glass door window to the garden. It is also the access way to the garden. This kitchen can be used if you stay with us and want to do your own cooking. 

Other sleeping places – There is a bedroom below the kitchen living room (our summer bed room) that is used as a dorm for up to 3 people when we run retreats during the autum, winter and spring.  

The house – Our house is an old small farmhouse that we converted into a living space. The main buildings were built at the beginning of the 1900s. There is a kitchen-living room area that is our shared common room that we also use for our family life. You are welcome to hang out here with us and we serve our meals here or on the veranda. If you choose to self cater you can also prepare your own meals either here or in the downstairs kitchen.

The veranda is the place from where we watch the sunsets and the mist hanging in the valley in the mornings. We have a beautiful view, hence the name of this house is Casa Bela Vista 😉

Bathroom/Compost Toilet – We have 1 bathroom with a shower/bathtub, a bidet and currently a WC (planned to be changed into an indoor composting toilet in 2020). Both of these are used by us aswell as our guests.

Our family spaces – One of our family bedrooms is on the ground level of the main house and another is next to the Healing room, also with a separate entrance.

The Garden and outdoors – We have a garden with 3 terraces, the first one being our flower and sit-in garden terrace, the second one is where we grow our organic vegetables and the third is where the Garden Hut is. We also have a dry toilet in one corner of the garden terrace and there is an outdoor kitchen with a covered roof in the courtyard.

Our lifestyle – We basically are from the Pioneer Generation that came to Portugal in the early 90s looking for a life in and with nature, more freedom and less rules……Portugal was still very different then 😉

Our personal journeys have been long and filled with adventure and growth and today we still love to live in nature, however we mainly focus on finding and growing the freedom inside ourselves. We feel very blessed that Portugal is hereby our physical home.

We live as “organically” as we can, still we are connected to mains water and electricity.

Our diet is mainly vegetarian, and we are happy to integrate your dietary needs into our lifestyle if you choose the option of sharing meals with us. So if you need meat twice a week or if you are on a complete vegan diet we have experience with both and can adapt.

We basically walk along the line of everything in moderation with focus on organic & healthy food.

We wash our clothes mainly with natural detergents and don’t use aggressive detergents or whenever we can. The same for the personal hygiene, we keep things as simple as possible and as nature protecting as possible.