Alternative Experience

Come and stay with us for an Alternative experience in Serpins at Casa Bela Vista or in Landeira at our river house and get inspired.

We have been living in Portugal for more than 25 years and  we choose many alternative options for our daily life, whether it be the way we eat, garden, build, educate or heal.

We love to share with you  about

  • growing organic food
  • food preparation and preservation (i.e. fermented foods and drinks, sourdough bread, cheese & yogurt (from local cow milk), drying kitchen and tea herbs…)
  • preparing healthy and in expensive meals
  • compost loos and kitchen waste composting and revitalising soils
  • working with EM (effective microorganisms)
  • making your own soaps and cleaning products
  • build and repair in creative & ecological  ways
  • re and upcycling Stuff
  • yoga and meditation
  • conscious communication and emotional healing
  • life orientated home schooling

WHY alternative living and what to expect 

I guess we all have many disagreements with what is considered normal by society and we all wish for changes for the better. May it be for the insufficient environmental solutions the government present us with, the non-alive food that is sold, the dedt based money system, the health system that is not really interested in healthy people, the de- tached consumerism problem etc.

Some changes we can do at home, any change will influence others on the long run and sometimes change needs to be learnt.

What can I do today, what can I do tomorrow….

How to start change and how to establish lasting change.

If you would like to see change in your live we are happy to share our stories with you and invite you to join us for any of the things we do.

Check out our facebook articles about alternative ideas.

Please contact us and tell us when you would like to come: Melanie & Jens – e-mail:

And here you can download our prices to stay with us

We are looking forward to welcoming you here.