Energy exchange philosophy

If you want to read the short version just read the bold stuff 😉

We have decided to step away from the fixed price list approach for our offers.

What we suggest is an energy exchange, that is pleasing for anyone involved.

To know what is right for you, only you can decided, so all we can do, is to let you know where we stand.

We are a small family with some extra space that we love to share, cause it feels good to share! We love to receieve for what we give and it doesn’t always have to be money, but it is an option and we use the money values below to give an idea.

Accommodation: We suggest anything from 5 € per night to 15 € per night depending on how many days and if shared or private space use. If people stay longer we have asked monthly fees between 150 € and 350 €, again depending on situation (how many people, what time of the year…).

Eating with us: as a guideline we ask 10 € – 15 € per day for food from our visitors.

Sharing our skills: We are totally happy to share our skills and knowledge about (gardening, cooking and food preservation, house keeping, re and upcycling, creative artwork, conscious movement like yoga, prayer & meditations, inner journey work, ) with you during daily activities. Feel free to join in and to pick our brains ;-).

Besides that we are also open to teach you for the specific things you might be interested in creating the time that this involves. As a general time value we calculate anything from 7 – 25 € an hour. It’s up to you what you can and want to give.

Some words about trusting in giving and receiving 

The monetary system with debts and interests is a fear based system. Out of this a lot of things have been created to give us the impression of safety: Insurance companies, debt systems, payment control systems….self value measured by your monthly salary ect….

We visualize a world were fair trade is all there is and debts and interest rates are long gone. Noone wants to have money, everyone wants to feel good, safe, happy, loved ect, money is not able to do this.

So we see ourselves going more and more into a trusting exchange world where we give what we can and where we also receive in abundance, without anyone being at the bottom of a pyramid, but with everyone in a sustainable circle system.

Still, we mention ideas of value for the simple reason to value what we give and at the same time to invite you to check what are your values that you have and are willing to exchange with others. We are all blessed with talents and we love to encourage you to share your talents.

  • If money is what you’d like to give that is of course  well received .
  • If you prefer to bring your talents and share in other ways with us please let us know.
  • If for any reason you are in a situation that it is difficult for you to contribute or share with your energy, please also do not hesitate to contact. It’s not always a giving and receiving between the same people. And likewise, if you’d like to leave more than you receive, to support those in need just because you can, we gladly receive your kindness and shall share it to the best we can.