Recycled oil soap recipe

So this is mainly for me to remember my approved recipes. Soap making has dangers, if you want to use the below, just do so if you have already more info about soap making and feel confident with your mission.

I love making soap out of old frying oil as it’s great for dishes or laundry and a wonderful solution to reusing old oil and plant friendly (grey water friendly)

  • 2 kg of old frying oil (filtered with coffee filter or cloth)
  • 250 g Lye (Caustic soda pearls)
  • 500 g water

Remember: Water in lye and you will dye! (not that quick, but it’s not a good mistake to make 😉

  • Measure all things.
  • Add lye into water (use ceramic or heat proof(ish) glass container)
  • let cool till around 50 ºC
  • warm up the oil to 50 ºC
  • Stir lye solution into oil (wear gloves, be very attentions!)
  • Blend with hand blender till it gets stiff (around 1-2 minutes ususally)
  • fill in molds
  • let sit over night or longer
  • take out of forms let cure or use directly….
  • wash all utensils whilst wearing gloves…..Use vinegar to help with any accident…..


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