The economic question

Part 2 of sharing thoughs about the Covid 19 world event

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One of the questions that puzzled and convinced most people is that the laws inforced by the governments must be real, because of the economic disaster that this implies. How would they support this and get themselves into such debt, if it was not truly serious!???

It’s a vary valid question and we shall look at it form some angles.

Firstly I d like to say that most actions taken by goivernment people are not out of free will, but out of pressure and fear. Just as in small scale society, if you do something different than everyone else, you are the one getting obsereved. And everyone is waiting for you to fail with your choice (maybe like Sweden in the first lock down).

Of course, if you are responsible for a country you also dont want to bring them in risk and you follow what everyone else does. Just because of herd behaviour, not because of good reasoning.

If everyone gets into debt, than it’s not so bad or is it?

And what does debt actually mean? How does money work? And who has to pay the debts of a nation?

It always has puzzled me, but I also always understood that interest systems are not logical and destructive . I find this man explains it quite simple:

Important to understand, the people paying the debts will be the inhabitants of the country. If the state creates a debt, it’s not that anyone in the rich class is in trouble. The trouble gets distribiuted over the small ones. And this is benefical for the big ones as it keeps the small ones under pressure. Less wealth, more willingness to work and deliver.

And yes it looks like the governments are supporting the ones in need now, but they are simply doing this by making a debt that the same people after will have to work for, for decades if not centuries.

A state is not like mummy and daddy giving you money when you are tight and saying it’s ok, you can keep it, I dont want it back. When the state creates a debt it always wants it back.

And the debt system is relying on crashing after a certain time in order to restart (or to change for somehting better) So currently to make capitalism (a system where some have a capital that they have working for them) it is actually necessary to crash.

Now how a crash is resolved is a different question.

It could be solved by creating a more equal share of wealth. A trading system that is based on fair exchange. Wow! Yes that would be a lovely option.

I do confess, Im in no way an economy expert, I m just a very simple person, who believes that we all know in our heart what is right. And if I say to a 7 year old I give you 1 € today but next week you have to give it back and I actually want 1.05 € instead of just 1 € back, he will know that something dodgy is going on. It’s simple!

Since years the system was in need of a crah and we had some small crashes, but now we have a huge crash and the clever thing about it is that NOONE seams guilty, but it all happens cause of this “dangerous” virus, from which the governments of the world are trying to protect us. We all pay for this so called protection……So we may rightously ask, is this all true? Do we really need to spend all that money in this measurements? Or are we exaturating? It’s not Mr. Presidents debt. It is your debt – our debt.

You may not feel like you pay a debts (another clever thing of the story), but what would things cost if there was no tax? What would the world be like if you could just have a home without being obliged to pay tax every year, a car, food, anything without tax…..what would you do with the money? What are the things you d like to support and what are the things you would not like to support?

If we would have a voluntary contribiution system, we would start feeling our longings again, our needs and our responsibility.

At the moment so much money goes to war, defends, control systems and administration systems (and that is on purpose not mentioning drugs and hobbies of rich people)…..why havent we sorted out world hunger problems? Why haven’t we invested in eco solutions that are not conected to monthly bills? We haven’t we invested in more freedom for the people? Who would benefit and who would loose?

If I would decide what my tax money is spend on, it would not be going the way it does now.

I know it’s easy to say, but it’s also easy to see that there is a system behind that is due to be changed for a better one. I believe the lessons are ovious to everyone now.

Lets work on the change we like to see and the change we like for our children.


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