What is truth? Do we need it?

I decided to start a series of articles regarding the current world theme, because it is the thing that does not leave my mind and that has the highest priority in the bigger picture. Finding happiness in every day moments is what keeps me going, but the worlds direction as it’s presenting itself today is not in my agreement.

I decided to write this here on Casa Bela Vista, because this is the project to talk and share about ALTERNATIVES. I have been searching for alternatives and living alternatives whereever I could all my life, but right now, the option of chosing different is being killed and I want to speak out for all the doubts that I have. I want to speak out for freedom of choice and for love, real love, not love inforced by fear making.

I intend to reach out to help answer questions for others, whilst at the same time, staying humble to hear truth that might change my mind. Feel free to comment and contact as you want.

Today I want to start with WHAT IS TRUTH?

Many people these days say, what is true for you, is not true for another. Is that true – I wonder? I used to argue against this statement, but actually, it would be at least a ground to say: exactly, and for me the idea of having to protect myself and others trough social distancing and wearing masks is not true. And if you feel like doing this, that is fine by me too.

But we are on the edge of being taken away the right to chose “our truth”. We are being painted as stupid selfish people that do not want to protect and work for the good of everyone.

And I can even understand this, I feel the same if they put poison in the sea and in the water and on the land. It’s our water, our sea, our land. How can you not take care of it. It hurts me too. I am affected by these actions! And that is the truth, or is it just MY truth????

Now if the world scenario (danger degree of corona virus and applied governmental measurments) would be as it is painted by the main stream media, I would totally agree. But there are some ovious points that this is not the truth, but one (of many possible) interpretation of observations and fastly exagerated damaging measures applied and enforced based on the possibility that this could be the truth. If it is not the truth, than we are currently all victims of a huge crime against humanity.

For this we need to look closely and examine if it is truth.

We need to evaluate and compare regulations and risk assesments.

We need to look at everything to find a balanced picture.

And that is the one thing we need to do now if we want to have any envolvement into what the future will look like.

If we want to have any say in what the world will look like for our children and grand children.

Wikipedia on truth: Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality

Wikipedia on scientific facts: Scientific facts are generally believed independent of the observer: no matter who performs a scientific experiment, all observers agree on the outcome. In addition to these considerations, there are the social and institutional measures, such as peer review and accreditation, that are intended to promote factual accuracy (among other interests) in scientific study.

Now are we talking about scientific facts or opinions when we look at the virus story?

Besides we need to look at two seperate important themes here:

  1. The virus story and the interpretation of observations as to what it is, what it does and why it does it.
  2. The worldwide measurements taken in order to defeat what is based on the answer to question one. This leaves two sources for error for this question. First, if anything about the answers to question 1 is wrong, than the reaction measurments will be wrong too. If everything in question 1 is answered correctly, than we still have to find a responds that is in agreement with the overall consequenzes for the best of EVERYONE.

When I invite you here thouroughly to look for truth we may come back to this questions over the next few weeks.

For now I want to stay with simply the truth.

Do we need truth?

Have you ever been lied too? And found out? It’s frustrating, isn’t it….it hurts.

Have you ever realised you were wrong in what you believed? And you had to admit to it. It’s challenging, isn’t it.

We have an inborn need for finding truth, not like my dog, he doesn’t really care about truth. He only cares about food, fun and cuddles. A good choice in one way, but the human has a different possition (at least some of us) and I would describe it as: We are creating the world we live in. If we take our responsibility.

If we don’t take our responsibility, others will do this for us. But if we ask ourselfes, aren’t we all interested in a balanced world, where everyone has equal rights and chances and resources? I feel everyone of the “normal” people would say yes. But the fact is that we do not live in a balanced world and I suggest that this is because many people do not take up their responsibility and power, and so it is given to others that do not have the best interest for everyone….

The lesson could be that we need to take back our power/self responsibility.

How to do that I will go into depth in another article, but by engaging your brain in truth search you are already on the right way. Changes start with information. How is the form of our reality, the IN-Form? Inside of us? And yes we touch the quantum science field by understanding that spirituality and science are not seperate, never were, but only now are coming together officially.

But back to the question Do we need truth. How do you feel when you found truth? For me, I would say, I feel inline, I feel powerfull and I feel home.

The opposite of truth is illusions, deceptions, lies. And none of these are what we desire. And of course also what makes us realise the difference (the reason for opposites)

But one of the main reason people do not look for truth is because of the believe truth can hurt. Really, truth never hurts, but the act of descovering that we have been wrong or lied to is connected with pain.

This pain is short and wont last long, it’s part of the birth of the new reality. Remember it hurts to give birth, but when the child is there, the joy is infinate.

Do we need courage to look for truth?

Yes, we do. It’s the hardest mission to step out of powerlessness into power. And we need courage. Courage comes from encouraging (through connecting) each other and from connection to the higher vibrations (Source, ….) and connecting to nature.

Every disapointment, every desillusion, is a huge blessing and a personal development, as from now on we are wiser. Still we fall into the habbit of forgetting how easy we fail. We are so convinced about todays “scientific truth”, that we forget how we were so convinced about the truth of yesterday, untill it all fell apart by a new truth being profen. (the earth is not flat….)

So we also need to stay humble in our search for truth, it seams to be a journey that we need to take, without skipping any part so we can learn from each section of the way.

In this spirit welcome to this truth searching episode of writtings. Let me know your thoughts and comments.

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